Tuesday, October 14, 2008

This is kinda hard

Okay, so i have to write a paper against the War on Terror, even though i'm for it. This is so hard, because i'm totally against everything I wrote below. So...here it is:

Imagine you are a salesman at the World Trades Center, in New York. It’s been a usual morning on the morning of September the eleventh, 2001. Maybe you went and got some coffee at the local Starbucks before heading off to work. But at 8:46 am, all of the normality diminished. Because at precisely at 8:46, the North Tower was hit by American Airlines Flight 11, and following, at 9:03, American Airlines Flight 175 flew into the South Tower. Maybe you escaped, and maybe you didn’t.
Now imagine you are at home, about thirty years of age, and mother of a single bundle of joy, your eight month year old daughter, Lily. You’re feeding her baby food with a spoon, grinning when she smiles at you with her three teeth. That’s when your attention flicks to the TV that’s flipped to the news channel.

“…yes, and this happened just this morning! Two planes crashed into the twin towers, many people were killed…”

Your heart stops, and you look at your little girl. She has blonde little curls and rosy, pink cheeks. Her bright blue eyes flick towards you, and she gives you a gay little smile. She looks just like her dad when she grins like that, the way her soft little dimples for parenthesis around her mouth.

He was in that building.

Terror. A noun meaning a sharp, overpowering, intense fear. The war that is against fear. The War on Fear.
The War on Terror.

The War has created terror in most citizens of the United States. Do you not look at Arabs differently than your parents had before the attack? This is what some Afghan men plotted for years while they hid in caves: a culture of fear. Politicians can now tell us that they’ll make so-and-so safer, and our attention is naturally drawn to whichever canadate is promising this. It targets a direct emotion when someone says ‘the War on Terror’.
Here’s the thing: the War on Terror should not have been started.
The war has caused us to panic, raising security almost everywhere, especially in airports. A lot of people are afraid of flying for fear of being hijacked. We can not teach our children to fear the Arab people, most of which, played no part in this evil.
War causes grudges between countries that have fought for years. And I do not believe that it is a very safe idea to be fighting against another country with weapons of mass destruction. Because we could easily be wiped out.

We need a stronger leader before going to war, somebody who knows what to do and when. We do not need troops in Iraq. We should take care of problems here, in the US, because we are the priority. Country first. By slowly pulling our troops out of Iraq, we are giving them the opportunity to strengthen their own militia. Immediate withdrawl might just be the fuel we need to get rid of the violence.


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