Thursday, December 11, 2008


Hey! Sorry, I haven't posted in awhile. If any of you have a facebook, you'd understand completely. I got one, and it's sort of addicting for the first month or so...

So last night was White Elephant at Youth Group. It was really fun! Everyone brought goodies to eat and someone brought a bunch of egg nogg (I <3 EGG NOGG!!!) so we sat around and filled ourselves up and watched Josh and Jordan do a ninja contest, and Steve, Caleb, Alex, and Anderson play football with a shoe. Anderson's Shoe. Intense stuff, man.

We played bucketball (pretty much just like ultamate frisby mixed with tackle football and basketball. Will post directions at bottom of post) and the Girls/Leaders won against the Boys! It was SWEET. And after, all the boys were complaining that the whole thing was rigged. I guess they're just not used to getting wupped by girls! Better get used to it.

The Middle School'rs won the semester long battle for the 'Trophy of Greatness'. It (the Trophy of Greatness) is made up of a Cadalac hubcap attached to a bunch of bike parts. Blacklock made it and it's SWEET. So, now us Middle School'rs get a dinner on Blacklock to anywhere we want! Isn't that cool?

And after that, we did White Elephant! I brought a gift of two pillows (one reading 'Chill' on one side, and 'Out' on the other, and another that looks like a 'Tropical Jelly Belly Mix' bag) wrapped in pointcettia wrapping paper, and Sarah Smith was like, "OH MY GOSH I GET STEPH'S GIFT NOBODY TOUCH IT!!" And then she didn't end up with it. It was pretty sad.
I recieved a box inside a box, inside a box, inside a box, inside a box with candles in it. I think i'll put my money in it. Make it difficult for robbers to get to the middle without me waking up ;)


Let me just get this out here: I write in my spare time!


In art, Michael, Kristina, and I have an inside joke where I have two moms (Karen and Liegh, Michael has two dads (Baubra and Kathrine), and Kristina's family is polygamist (Hahaha).
Our teacher thinks we're nuts.

I'M FINE, REALLY!! o_0 *rocks back and forth in fetal position*



Sara said...

right now i am doing math homework. MATH SUCKS!! it is hard i don't get it and i don't think i am EVER going to know how to figure out how long it would take me to travel from Miami to San Fransisco with or without head wind. GAH!

Sara said...

i dont ever think i am ever going to HAVE to know how to calculate that

Kristina said...

wow. that's sucky sara.

Seth said...

i hate math.

Kristina said...