Friday, December 19, 2008

Fax, Fax, Fax, Fax, FAAAAAAX (newman, stay away from this post)

Hey, Kristina, guess what? *fax*


okay, continuing off last post, don't forget to comment!!! Very important!:
All of us were in our pajamas. Ig and Fang wore only their fleece pajama pants.
“Okay, guys! Hurry up! I’ve got a really good – well, okay, two really good ideas! Do you think–”
I clamped my hand over Nudge’s mouth.
We all situated ourselves around in a circle. There were two couches. One that fit two people, and one that fit three. Iggy and the Gasman sat with Angel on the three-person, and Fang and I sat on the two. Nudge was sprawled out on the floor like she’d been dropped, her wings spread out around her.
After a few seconds of silence I finally said, “Uh…who wants to go first?”
Fang spread one wing over the side of the couch, and one behind me to make himself comfortable. “Not me,” he said.
Nudge looked like she was bursting. “I’LL GO!!” she called out.
“Go ahead,” I said.
“Okay, Gazzy!?” she said. “Truth or Dare?”
Gazzy pondered. Finally he said, “Uh…truth?”
Nudge grinned. “Okay…what is the fastest time you’ve ever cleared a room?”
Gazzy thought. “I’d have to say a few weeks ago when we were watching a movie in this room, and I did a fart-bomb…”
Everyone grimaced, remembering.
“…that was SO AWESOME!!!” he said excitedly.
“Now you get to ask someone truth or dare,” Nudge informed him.
“Hm…Max. Truth or dare?” he asked.
“Dare,” I said firmly.
“Cool. Kiss Fang.” Gazzy said with an evil grin.
“Gazz…” I said disapprovingly.
He threw up his hands in surrender. “Hey, you never specified rules,” he said innocently.
I flushed, but turned and kissed Fang on the cheek.
“Hey!” Gazzy said.
“You never specified either,” I said. Fang’s impassive face broke with a rare smile. “Nudge, Truth or Dare?” I asked.
Nudge giggled. “Truth.”
“What is the one thing you want most right now?” I said, smiling. This could be good.
Nudge thought for a few minutes. “Root Beer,” she finally decided.
We all laughed.
“Iggy, truth or dare?” she asked.
He raised his eyebrows in a ‘bring it on’ gesture. “Dare.”
She thought for a minute. “Go get me some Root Beer!” she laughed.
We all joined her, except for Fang, who never laughs.
Ig grinned. “Yes, your highness,” he said, then got up and pulled a can of soda out of the fridge. “That’s Sprite, Iggy,” Angel giggled.
He put it back in the fridge and pulled out another. “This it?”
“Yep, thanks!” Nudge sang as he handed it to her. She popped the lid open and took a deep swig.
Iggy sat down. “Angel,” he grinned. “Truth or dare?”
She smiled an Angelic smile, obviously reading his mind, and said, “Dare,” then ran over to him and gave him a big hug. “I love you too,” she said, and my heart gave a little squeeze.
“Fang,” she said, getting my attention after this touching moment. “Truth or Dare?”
“Dare,” he said. I instantly regretted his decision.
“Kiss Max,” she said, grinning. “On the lips.”
I glared at her.
Then I felt Fang’s gently hand under my chin, and his lips pressed softly against mine, and then he angled his head to kiss me deeper.
It went on and on.
Finally, someone had to cough. Ig. And I knew the game was over. “Geez, get a room, you two,” he groaned. “I may be blind, but I’m not deaf.”
“Fang? What does ‘make out’ mean?” Angel asked innocently.
We broke apart, both breathing raggedly, but Fang managed to laugh.
Gazzy got up. “Ha! You guys can clear a room faster than me!” he said, leaving.


Kristina said...

ahhhh!!! awesome!!!!! good job!!

i loooove fanfiction!!!


ok. i'm better. no more screaming.

ruby said...

now why cant something like that happen in the books.

MARCH 16 OR 20!!!!

Steph said...

i know! NOTHING like this EVER happens in the books! sad. days.


fly on!

Sara said...

i was really good, but the part when you were explaining the couches you said a couch for 2 then another couch for 2 so just fix that. I really did think it was good. i cant think on anything else to say because i just pulled an all nighter

Jessie said...

amazing! i LOVE it! good job!