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:-D Yaaay, Ruby came over this weekend after my cello concert. It was fun!! We stayed up really late talking! But now she's gone and i'm bored all over again :-(

So here we go:

Disclaimer: I do not own Maximum Ride. James Patterson does, and that sometimes makes me mad that he's in charge of the stuff that goes into the actual books. But, hey, I'm still open to freedom of speech.


The next thing I knew, I was being thrown from my bed. It was dark, I was tired.
“Hello, Max.”
I would know that voice anywhere. I quickly got to my feet and got ready to fight. Ari swung a fist at my face, but I blocked and planted a hard roundhouse kick in his ribs.
His breath went out in an oof, and he fell to the floor. He struggled to get up, but I threw a even harder kick to his head and he went down again, blood streaming out his nose.
YOU STAY AWAY FROM MY FLOCK!!” I yelled, running out of my room and barricading the door behind me with a pole that had been newly ripped out of the wall.
I saw Fang viciously fighting off a wolfy creature at the end of the hall, then there was a sickening thud as it fell to the floor. Fang quickly fell onto the next Eraser as I heard small cry of pain from Nudge’s room. “Maaax!”
“Fang! Hold back Erasers as long as possible!” I shouted orders automatically. “Iggy! Go find Nudge! Gazzy! Get Angel out of here! “
There was another thud as Iggy took down another one.
Another Eraser attacked me from behind, slashing my stomach through my nightshirt and making me cry out in pain. I fell to the floor, and the world went black.
A anguished “Max!” from Fang was all I heard.


“…think she was bleeding pretty bad.”
“How bad?”
“Really bad.”
“Fang? Is Max going to be okay?”
“She’ll be fine, Angel.”
“You’re lying.”
“Iggy stitched her up, she’ll be fine.”
“Guys! Quit it!”
“She’s waking up.”
“Max? Can you hear me?”

“Fang?” I winced, touching my head. I opened my eyes a tiny bit and then closed them. “How bad?”
He touched the back of his hand to my cheek. “Well, you’re awake, so that’s something.”
I was too miserable to laugh. I opened my eyes to Fang’s face four inches away, hovering above me. I must have been in his lap the whole time.
I tried to raise my head, relieved to find the whole flock here, but Fang held me down. “Don’t sit up, you might re-open your cuts.”
“Then bandage me up, dimwit. Let me up,” I growled.
Fang looked pleadingly at Iggy, who looked at me and said, “Fang, she has a point.”
I gave him a unholy ‘buahaha’ kind of look.
Fang and Nudge balanced me over both their legs so Iggy could bandage up my midsection. I felt like crap, and my stitches stung when they were finished.
Then Fang did the unimaginable; he sat me on his lap and held me there with his arms around my shoulders.
My face was probably burning red like some, uh, girl getting held by the guy she likes.
Only I do NOT like Fang. Bad Max.
I growled, which only made him shake with laughter and hold me tighter.
Of course, Iggy is blind, and could not see this, so he went ahead and told me that I’d have to stay immobile for about a week. That just made me angrier.
I felt Fang grin into my hair.

Dun, dun, duuuun. Anyway, i hoped you liked it! These are sooo fun to write! Review! Review! Review!


Kristina said...

that was really good!! i say that about everything,but it really is!
god! why is it so freaking cold in my house?!!! Wait...i thought Ari was dead? gahh! what did i click? where'd the page go?! Found it!! oops! sorry, going on about nothing in particular again. Why do i do that? hahaha!! Ok i'm done now...hahahahahahahahahaaaa!!!

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continue! continue! continue!

Cabbie said...

I love it. You have almost single-handedly convinced me to read the series.

Nano said...

*claps loudly* Make's me want to finish my MR fanfic.... hmmmm...