Thursday, January 15, 2009

Chapter 11

Ug. My back hurts so bad today. And it did yesterday too. And the day before. And the day before.

Huh. I guess we could say my back SUCKS. I HATE MY BAAACK!!! I can't even do Karate this month because it hurts to stand up. Okay, hands up if you think i'm a cripple? Huh. Wow.

And sorry I haven't been posting. A girl has homework, you know? I had to do my book response thing, and i didn't sticky note my book, so kinda sucky. But i'm done with it now. *claps hands*


Okay, so poll results:

Max have a baby? It was close. 52% said yes, 48% said no. I figured i'd post it as a seperate story.

Number? 31% said twins, 52% said one, and 15% said triplets (NOT GONNA HAPPEN)

Name? Falcon: 10%, Spade: 26%, Nick: 21%, Hawk: 10%, Spade Falcon: 21%, Nick Spade: 10%. So we're going with Spade. Or Spade Falcon.



“Okay, all of you sit,” Max’s mom ordered, sounding utterly ticked off.
We all sat down on the opposite side of the table obediently. I slouched and crossed my arms over my black sweatshirt.
Dr. Martinez paced the area behind the table. “What do you boys think you’re doing? This is ridicules! Especially you, Iggy. I expected more out of you! Now you’re trying to seduce my thirteen-year-old daughter into doing the wrong things?” she paused angrily. “I mean, what is your problem?”
Iggy looked a bit shocked. “Well, um…see, she had a boyfriend, or so she told us, and so I didn’t think you would mind this sort of thing…”
“Mind?” Dr. Martinez hissed, “MIND?”
I was kinda angry now. “Doc!” I barked. “Calm down! It was just a kiss. Come on! It’s not like we were doing…,” I paused awkwardly, “…something else.”
We were silent for awhile before the Gasman finally spoke up and said, “Something else?”
I looked at Dr. Martinez and she looked at the Gasman. “Gazzy, I think it’s time you learned about something…”
Oh, God, here it comes, I thought, tuning out. I focused on the conversation of the girls in the living room, from what I could hear over Gazzy’s lurching and Dr. Martinez’s droning on about the ‘Miracle of Life’. I knew it was over when the Gasman was groaning and freaking out yelling, “Oh, my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh. GOD. EW!”
Is there anything that nine-year-old boys do not find gross?
“Fang, Iggy,” Max’s mom got our attention by snapping her fingers loudly at us. “Please understand me when I say I do not want any grandchildren any time soon.”
We nodded.
OH MY GOD EEE-YEEEWWW!!” Gazzy was still moaning and yelling and carrying on.
Iggy stood up and started walking out of the room, running into an eavesdropping Nudge. “I WAS NOT LISTENING TO THAT CONVERSATION!” she claimed a little too loudly.
I got up and took her hand to help her to her feet. “Oh, we all believe you. C’mon, Nudge, go see Ella.”
She pouted. “I am not a dog.”
Angel walked up. “Speaking of which, have you guys seen Total anywhere? I can’t find him and I’m not picking up signals.”
I looked at her blue teary eyes. “I’m sorry, Ange, I haven’t seen him,” I said. “Did you ask Max?”
Wow. I hadn’t seen Total all day. Most of yesterday either. Not that I pay much attention to him anyway.
Angel shook her head woefully. “Yeah, she hasn’t seen him either. I’m afraid he went exploring and go hit by a—” she started to cry.
Iggy took the lead. “It’s okay, Ange, we’ll find him. You wanna come with me? I’ll help you look.”
Just then Max walked into the room pulling on a bright blue jacket. “We’ll all go.”
Angel hugged Iggy tightly and wept into his neck. “I’m so worried.”
“It’s gonna be okay,” he said soothingly, patting her back. “It’s gonna be okay.”


so, um yeah.



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