Friday, January 2, 2009


OKAY!!! So Dad finally found the stupid disk to install Microsoft Office 2000, so we got it working. Yay!

Anyway, so more fanfiction:


I’m glad I took Iggy up on that idea to stay at a hotel. You see, in the woods, I would be freezing. But I’m in a nice bed with thick covers. Not to mention a heater. I’m really pretty warm.
Uh…actually a little too warm.
And why did I feel like I was sleeping next to the heater? I don’t remember one right next to me.
I opened my eyes. I was facing the window, the sun was coming up, and light streamed through.
I rolled over and saw Fang lying next to me on top of the covers, his head on the other pillow. He was wearing his jeans and no t-shirt.
Um, okay?
“Fang?” I whispered.
He didn’t wake up, so I kicked him in the leg.
He groaned. “Ow, what?” he asked irritably, rolling so he faced me.
I eyed him.
“Floor was too hard. Like carpeted concrete. And it smells like cigarette smoke,” he quickly explained, making a face.
“Ah,” I said, feeling a bit awkward. “We going anywhere today?” Please.
“You aren’t,” he said.
I groaned, laying on my back again. “This isn’t fair,” I growled.
Fang laughed. “Life’s not fair,” he said.
We just lay there for a few minutes, watching the boring, white ceiling. Then it donned on me. We could probably be at my mom’s house by now if we hadn’t stopped here.
“We should go to my mom’s house,” I said, rolling on my side so I could see Fang better.
He glanced at me.
“Oh, c’mon, Fang, please?” I pleaded. “We could attempt normalcy.”
Just then, the door burst open and Iggy walked in followed by the other kids.
“Breakfast in bed!” Angel said happily. “Except, not for you, Fang.”
He scowled and hopped off the bed. Iggy plopped a plate of bacon and eggs on my lap and stood back, watching me.
“Um…do you need to tell me something?” I asked him warily.
“Just eat,” he said.
I stabbed an egg with my fork and tossed it into my mouth. “This is really good, Ig,” I assured him.
“Okay, cool. I’m gonna go back to my room,” he told all of us, feeling his way out of the room.
Fang looked at me. “C’mon Gazzy,” he said, pulling the Gasman out of the room after Iggy with him.
Angel and Nudge jumped on the bed with smiles on their faces. “Are we really going to go to your mom’s house?” Angel asked excitedly.
I groaned. “Fang said no.”
Nudge rolled her eyes. “What can he say to you? You’re the leader, right?”
I touched my stomach tenderly. “Not for the moment. Fang’s second in command, remember?” I looked back up at them.
Angel sighed. “I guess.”
I put my hand on Angel’s cheek. “Aw, sweetie, it’s fine. I’ll be fine We’ll get out of here soon.”
“That’s not what Fang and Iggy are thinking,” she said, “Iggy’s thinking that the cuts were pretty deep, and they might have severed something important. Fang’s thinking about how much he loves you and that he’ll never let anything happen to you and that he doesn’t want to go to your mom’s house because it won’t be just us all together anymore.”
Nudge and I looked at her, shocked. “Fang loves Max?” Nudge squealed, “Ohmygosh that is sooo cute.”
“Oh, geez, Nudge,” I said, then added quickly, “But we’re getting out of here pretty soon. I’ll just order Fang to get us all to Dr. Martinez’s.”
“I guess,” Angel said thoughtfully.
Nudge giggled again at the mention of Fang, grinning.


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ahh. whoops deleted my comment. sorry. anyway, that was good but the part where iggy hands her her food and then steps back and watches her doesnt really work cause, ya know, he's blind. you have to post more even if we are going back to school soon because i'm bored out of my mind!!!

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