Thursday, January 1, 2009

So, Um, Happy New Year. And Merry Christmas (Not Hansakwanamas! I Can Say Whatever I WANT.)

So i'm not even gonna bother about Christmas. If you're friends with my sister on facebook, you can see photos, but otherwise your out of luck, my friend.

So New Years was fun! Me, Kristina, and Carli went to the church lock-in for the youth and it was a bomb! (OMG BOMBS!!). Kristina and I stayed up watching movies (Kung Foo Panda, The Princess Bride, Shrek [hate that movie], and The Pink Panther [Steve Martin]) while Carli played Halo with the guys in the room across the hall on four different TV's hooked up so everyone was playing the same game. Steve kept calling her a 'Halo Beast' 'cause she kept killing him, hahaha.
Sarah Smith said that she'd stay up all night with me, but soon fell asleep with Kristen, Abby, Bree, and Margo.
So Kristina and I just watched movies pretty much all night, except for when we got bored during Shrek and got out our iPods and books. Then we ran a lap around the church with Makayla and her friends (7th graders).
Then at seven thirty in the morning after cleaning everything up, we (Kristen, Sarah, and I) had a pillow fight with Anderson. Then Steve tackled Caleb, which was pretty funny.
And at eight, Dad picked Kristen and I up and we went home. I just went and took a shower then took a six hour nap.

At two I woke up and got ready for the small get-together we were having with the Phangs (pronounced 'Pong') and Caleb's family.
Caleb's family arrived early, so we gave quite the grand tour of our new house (because nobody had seen it before...). Kristen, Caleb, and I tried to get one of my paintings (the alpacka one that's all dizzying, but Caleb said it looks like a great dane with long ears) onto my wall, but it wouldn't stay.

When everyone finally arrived, we (the kids) all played B.S. at the dining room table, and then proceded to play Clue.
We ate dinner while playing Clue, and then played Apples to Apples and Catch Phrase with everyone minus my brother, his two friends, and Aubrey.
This was all quite funny the whole time because both Caleb and I were loopy from sleep deprivation, even though we'd both taken six hour naps, and eventually, Caleb dozed off on the couch when the party was finally over.

So...that was my new year. yaaay. 1-1-09!


Ginny said...


Ginny said...

oh yeah . . . get your word thing fixed so you can update

Kristina said...

ugh! not fair! i only got a 3 hour nap 'cause my mom woke me up!