Sunday, January 4, 2009

Okaaay! More Fanfiction!

Ug! I just flung ice cream on my chest! Grr!

Okay, i put my fanfiction on, so yeah. i have a link to the right with all my other fanfiction recomendations.


The next day we were back to flying after a hearty Holiday Inn breakfast at the buffet.
Only I still wasn’t allowed to fly.
“So…what direction shall we go now, Max?” Fang asked me a few hours later as he carried me close to his chest bridal-style.
I shifted my body for the ninth time that hour. “North-East,” I said without a second thought. I knew which way to go.
“Max, I’m hungry,” the Gasman said as he flew up to Fang and I.
Iggy groaned, “Oh, I am too, Max. Can we stop?”
I shot Fang a pained look.
“Oh, please?” I begged.
“No, we’ll be there in, like, and hour,” he said.
“FANG I HAVE TO PEEEE!” Nudge yelled from behind us.
He groaned and made a face. I laughed. I don’t think I’d laughed that hard in ages.
Fang looked at me then back at the flock. “Okay, next Wendy’s, up ahead. We’re landing over behind those trees.”
He dipped, and the flock followed him. I was starting to feel a bit air-sick. Flying and being flown are not exactly the same thing, you know?
Well maybe you don’t. Ah-haha.
“You’re pretty good at this,” I told Fang after we landed awkwardly on the ground.
He let me go and pulled a leaf out of my hair. “At what?” he asked, smile playing at his lips.
“Well, if I died, you could totally do a great job taking care of the Flock,” I said, crossing my arms over my chest.
Angel walked up to us. “You won’t die,” she said matter-of-factly.
Iggy punched my arm playfully. “Yeah, ‘cause you’re the Invincible Max.”
Of course.
“Let’s go get some food, guys,” I said, and we started walking towards the Wendy’s.

Fang stepped up to order. There was nobody in the Wendy’s but them, so he assumed it was pretty safe. “I’ll have four triple cheeseburgers, one fish sandwich, two large fries, two…hm…number three salads, a large Coke, and five apple pies.”
The cashier smiled. “Feeding a crowd?”
“Yep,” Fang said politely.
“Okay, your total is–”
“We still have more people ordering on me,” Fang interrupted.
Iggy stepped up to bat. “I’ll get the same as him.”

I herded the kids up and ordered for myself. “I’ll have two chicken sandwiches, two triple cheeseburgers, one large fries, two number six salads, and a large Sprite. Thanks!”
The cashier looked shocked.
Nudge emerged from the ladies room.
“Yeah, Max? Oh, right. I’ll have two fish sandwiches, two chicken sandwiches, two double cheeseburgers, two large fries, one large Root-Beer, and six apple pies.”
The cashier’s jaw dropped. “Okay, give me a second to write this down…”
Gazzy looked at Nudge. He smiled to himself. “I’ll get the same as her, except I also want two number four salads and instead of Root-Beer, I’ll have Dr. Pepper.”
“HOLD ON,” the cashier shouted.
“I’ll have three double cheeseburgers, one large fry, a large Coke, and, like, four apple pies,” Angel said, counting off her fingers. She looked at me. “Did I forget something?”
“A salad.”
“Oh! Right!” she turned back to the cashier. “And one chicken ceaser salad.”
The cashier dropped her pen. “Oh. Kay,” she breathed, “That’ll be $146.27.”
I gave her my Max Card.
“That’s a lot of money to spend, miss,” she warned.
“I know. I’ve been through this. Just get us what we ordered, and we’ll be on our merry way,” I growled.

“Aw, man,” the Gasman groaned, “I am sooo full.”
I ate another handful of fries. “Well, ‘full’ means you won’t be hungry any time soon,” I said.
Fang reached across the table and grabbed my soda, taking a sip through the clear plastic straw.
“Fang!” I shrieked, almost flying over the wall of greasy debris that separated one side of the table from the other..
I grabbed it from him and wiped the straw on my shirt. “Ew! Why’d you do that? Now I can’t drink out of it!”
Fang shrugged. “Wanted some Sprite.”
Nudge and Angel giggled while the Gasman and Iggy snickered. Fang got up from his seat. “Here, I’ll get you a new straw,” he said, making his way towards the condiment table.
“No, Fang! Just sit down,” I pleaded.
He laughed and sat back across from me and smiled.
I glowered.
“So are we…” Iggy began when a loud phhhbbbttt! erupted from the corner of the table.
OH MY GOD, GAZZY,” Nudge gagged as she grasped at her throat.
Gazzy was laughing so hard he was in tears, on the verge of falling off his chair. “You…should have…seen…your…faces,” he managed through laughs. He took another shaky breath and actually fell this time.
We all started laughing like crazy. My teary eyes landed on Angel, who eventually laughed so hard Coke started coming out her nose and she fell to the floor with Gazzy.
“Something wrong over there?” a employee called from where she was mopping up a mess.
That just made us burst out laughing again.


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Ginny said...

oh yeah, i looked on fanfiction and your story didn't go past chapter four . . . ??? something to check into

Steph said...

yeah, i didn't get to put more on this weekend because it's my dad's laptop, and i only get to use it when he isn't.

and his laptop is only home on the weekends X(

Cabbie said...

I absolutely love it. I read the first Maximum Ride book yesterday, and so of course I had to go back and read all of your fanfic again. But I totally didn't mind at all, because now I get it, it's soooooooo awesome. Er. Awesomer. Except that's not a word. Sorry, rambling. Point is, I love it.

Kristina said...

that was really funny!!! did you notice that in the books when they're flying for hours they never say anything about needing to pee, they only ever say that they're hungry? i mean, how do you go for like 7 hours, flying, withou needeing to pee? especially an eight year old and a six year old! how does that work?!