Monday, January 5, 2009

Ah, Haha. More Fanfiction. SCHOOL STARTED! NUUUH!!!

Waaah! School started back up and I am mad. But Colten moved away, away, away, and I shall never see him again. That kinda brightened up my day a bit. :D

And watching Michael throw a fit over Alto being in his Drama class was pretty funny.


“Fang! There it is, lets land,” I said ecstatically, shifting in his arms with short, jerky movements.
This of course had the opposite effect, and Fang just studied my face worriedly. “Is this another brain attack, Max?”
“Nooo…Fang the house is right there. Land, dang it!” I pleaded.
He smiled at me as only Fang can smile, and I had to look away as my face flushed.
“C’mon, guys, Martinez’s at ten-o-clock!” Fang shouted to the rest of the gang.
“Sure thing,” Iggy answered, then quieter, “Gazz, wrap it up.”
I peered over Fang’s shoulder. “Are you guys making bombs?” I asked offhandedly.
“NO,” the Gasman and Iggy answered at the same time a little too quickly.
But I couldn’t deny that those bombs had saved our butts over a dozen times, so I didn’t say anything more, letting the boys think I believed them.
Fang started to dip, and then pulled his dark wings in a bit, end feathers bending backward slightly to gain control of his flight. We started going towards the ground really fast, and then Fang put his feet out to catch himself before he did a face plant, like all of us had done at one point before.
And then we were on the dark black asphalt in front of my mother and sister’s house. My real mother. My real sister. The thought made me smile every time I thought about it.
Fang didn’t put me down.
Then the rest of the Flock was around us. “Let’s roll,” I said, attempting to wriggle myself out of Fang’s iron grasp. Which of course didn’t work.
“Put. Me. Down,” I growled.
Fang smiled at me again. “Nope,” he said, and started carrying me towards the front door. “C’mon, guys,” he said firmly.
We all started walking, well except me, towards the house in total silence. As we got closer I heard the TV murmuring mechanically, “…you’d have to take all these vitamins in the morning to stay healthy. Now you don’t have to! Just eat Total®! A breakfast cereal so–”
“Total!” Angel exclaimed from behind Fang.
Wow. I thought he was abducted?


“Max, where’d Total go?” Angel tugged at the hem of my shirt.
I looked down at her. “I dunno, where’d you leave him?”
Then I noticed she was in tears. Oh.
“No, Max, where’s Total? I can’t find him anywhere! I can’t even find his…mind,” she asked again, wiping her eyes with her sleeve.
Oh, God.
My head whipped around. “Fang! U and A! Grab Angel!”
Fang spun towards the general direction of my voice. His eyes widened. “MAX!” he shouted.
Then I felt the warm breath of Ari II on my neck. “Hello, Maximum.”

End Flashback.

The doorbell rang, and the door opened.
“Max!” Ella exclaimed, smiling.
Fang put me down slowly.
Her eyes widened. “Mom!” she yelled into the house, “It’s Max!”
Ella ran out and crushed me in a huge bear hug. I winced, Fang gave me a ‘should I be concerned’ kind of look.
‘I’m fine,’ I mouthed unconvincingly.
"Total!" Angel yelled.
Total ran up to her and jumped into her welcoming arms.
"You have no idea how much I miss you!" he wailed.
“It what?” Dr. Martinez disbelievingly. Then she saw me. “Max! And everyone else! Please come in,” she ushered us all through the door with one hand.
“Mom?” Ella asked.
“Not, now, honey,” Dr. Martinez said quickly. “How are you guys?” she asked us.
I looked around at the house, memorizing it as my home. “Fine,” I said.
Fang elbowed me.
Ella shifted her feet. “Mom?” she asked, a little more urgent.
“Not now, Ella,” Dr. Martinez said again.
Ella groaned and rolled her eyes. She turned to Iggy. “What happened to Max?” she asked in a no-nonsense tone, crossing her arms.
Iggy regarded her calmly, looking at her with sightless eyes. “What happened to Max? Oh, yeah. What happened to Max. Um…Ari II took a swipe at her midsection. I stitched it up, she should be fine.”
Dr. Martinez’s eyes were wide by the time he finished talking.
“Wait, let me get this straight. You. Stitched up. Max?” she asked, not believing this. Iggy bit his lip and nodded like it was so normal to stitch your friends up.
Dr. Martinez's eyebrows knit together. "With a needle."
“Uh…yeah," he said. "What else?"


Ginny said...


Ginny said...

Poor Total. The whole world seems to want to eat him or destroy him, either one works in his situation.

Kristina said...

cool! good job! post more soon! i think i'm being...watched...better go...

Cabbie said...

Iggy bit his lip and nodded like it was so normal to stitch your friends up.
Dr. Martinez's eyebrows knit together. "With a needle."
“Uh…yeah," he said. "What else?"
You made my day.