Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hehe, I'm Not Cheating...*rocks back and forth on heals*

Okay, for anyone who's being an idiot like me for that science project we have to do at my school (if you go to it) and not filling out that ten-day-weather-sheet-thing, here's a cheat site. It's amazing and I used it because I was being a moron and hadn't filled it out until today.

We went skiing this weekend (and I snowboarded) and my back really hurts now. Waaah.



leave_me_alone said...

It's not cheating until you get caught. =)Good find though. Thx, it's actually useful.

JosiePip said...

That's okay, it's just a short cut. I use short-cuts all the time.

Ginny said...


Nano said...

Haha steph, u cheater. I didn't use that when I had to do it. (I copied off my friend, hehe) Just in case you are wondering, I still can't get on. I'm not dead, don't worry. I'm just grounded. *insert dramatic music here* I had two c's after the semister finals. But I should be back by Valentine's Day. Or, that Monday at least, since I'll be at camp. Whatever. Write some more fanfic girl!!! How am I to occupy these stolen afterschool hours if there's nothing to read here?