Monday, February 2, 2009

Questions You MUST Answer!

1. Do you read my writing blog?
2. Why don't you?
3. Do you know who Seth is?
4. Are you aware he's not real?
5. Do you read his blog?
6. Do you think Michael needs to get some serious help?
7. Jenn + Seth? (Jeth?)

I NEED TO KNOW THESE ANSWERS!! Thanks for your understanding! Please comment your answers in numerical order.



Jessie said...

1. Yes, I do
3. Yes
4. Yes
5. Yes
6. I dunno

Nat said...

1. Nope
2. Because I don't feel like scrolling down and looking at the links. I'm sorry I'm so lazy.
3. Yuppurs.
4. Double yuppurs
5. I did like twice.
6. I don't know who he is, but tripple yuppurs.
7. Um....

Ginny said...

1. no
2. 'cause i don't
3. A person on Seth's blog?
4. Yes
5. No
6. Well, DUH!!! Him+Kadan=NOT GOOD
7. Uh . . . ?

Bluemaster said...

O M (i desided to delete this part) GOD!!! YOU JERK!!! and who the heck are these people

Kristina said...

1. yes.
2. -
3. yes
4. DUH
5. yes.
6. uh huh. XD

☽ruby☾ said...

yes to most except 7. ick. i dont really like the combining of names its wierd and kind of lame.

im only typing with one hand cause im to lazy to move my other arm. lol

Steph said...

oh, we'd never guess.

Carrie said...

1. Yes
2. ~
3. Yes
4. Yes
5. Yes
6. I prolly ought to know who Michael is.
7. yes, but not in name. Jeth sounds short for Jethro Tull which was like an eighties band- and that would be strange.

JosiePip said...

I didn't know you had a writing blog...I'll go take a look.