Monday, February 23, 2009

In the Spirit of Infants...

Asher! (see below)

Okay, so this week my school's doing the baby project for all the eighth graders. Mine is a boy and his name is Asher Isaiah. Sara named her Pomagranate (??).

So in the spirit of infants, I thought I'd share this disterbing fact with you. There was a baby born to a 13 year old (Alfie Patten) and his 15 year old girlfriend. HOW FREAKISH IS THAT???
Look, he's baby-faced, his voice hasn't broke, he's the definition of a kid, and look, for yourself...

...that he looks like the kid's older brother. Is it nasty that a kid could even get a girlfriend and have sex at 13?? Holy crow. He looks like he's nine.

My sister said that even though she was 15 and he was 13, her mom still let him spend the night.

See, there's him again. Bad influence? Yes. Here's the caption for that photo: "How does Alfie feel about all of this? Devastated! He agreed to take a DNA test, and according to the Sun, earlier this week he expressed his anger by wearing a hoodie displaying the message, "I'm the daddy, if not f**k you all I'll still be there." (I hate to pass judgment, but who lets their kid wear something like this?)"
So, yeah. Awkward.


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Nano said...

sick. real sick. sorry guys I haven't been on. Grades. Still. I have a c in math, thats it. Sux doesn't it? Blah. But I'm working on an MR fanfic so that's a little treat 4 yah when I'm back.

Kansas said...

i am 13 and look like 8 years older than him so ewwww

Sara said...

Steph if you had a problem about the name Pomegranate why didn't you say so. i wouldn't have changed it but it would have been nice to know.