Wednesday, February 18, 2009

*trip!* ...www...oah... *wobble*

Okay, so today during Social Studies, I had the weirdest sensation. I was dizzy and I couldn't feel my legs. Ever been that lightheaded? It was like I was floating. So I endured the block period and during Science I told Ms. Haney that I needed to go down to the office because I was gonna fall over any second. And she tells me to fill out my planner. Who tells a kid who's as dizzy as a dodo to fill out their planner so they can go to the nurse?
So I get down to the office (without tripping down the stairs!) and tell the lady at the desk that I feel dizzy, so she sends me to go sit in the nurse's office. And then the nurse somehow knows my name and is like, "Stephany...and you're feeling dizzy?"
"Here, I'll get you a drink of water," she says, and fills a Dixie cup full of water and gives it to the guy sitting next to me.
Then later she asks me if that water helped and was like, "Wait, did I get you water? Who did I give water to?"
The boy raises his hand, and the nurse gets me a Dixie cup and I down it in small sips. She asks me if I'm feeling better now. I shake my head. So she tells me to call my mom. I do. Then she gets a phone call that her own child at an elementary school is sick and needs to go home.
So I wait for my mom to get there for twenty minutes while watching the clock with great interest. Then Kristina's mom comes in and asks me if i'm feeling okay. I tell her that I feel dizzy and my mom's coming to get me.
Then when my mom finally shows up, i grab my backpack and almost fall over, then regain my balence, and walk out with her.
Then we had to go to the grocery store and my mom takes half an hour while I wait in the car because the computers were having technical issues. I read my Maximum Ride in Manga. Then I read the Authors note. Then I read the fifth book preview. Then I start to read it again. Then I get bored and recline my seat so that I can lay down. Then I get hungry and get some banana bread out of my backpack and start to eat it. Then my mom shows up.
We go home, and I go downstairs and watch The Lion King with my sick brother who has the same thing as I do. After that, I go on facebook and make a character on Pet Society named Scar. And then Daniel wants me to watch Homeward Bound with him, so we do that, and then we watch CyberChase for lack of anything better to do.
Then I'm so hungry I feel like puking, but I don't have anything in my stomach, so I can't puke, so I just sit on the couch and start reading the Maximum Ride Manga thing again, and then I go back downstairs and talk to my elementary best friend, Lily, and she tells me that Mrs. Terpstra died of breast cancer. Mrs. Terpstra taught me long devision and was my friend. :(

So yeah, not the best day I've ever had.

And on top of it all, I can't go to Youth Group tonight! Waaahhh!!!

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Kristina said...

oh no!

Ginny said...

I'm sorry you are feeling sick. Try eating a COOKIE, that'll bring your CRUMMY feelings up! HAHA! I'm so cheesy.

I'm really sorry about your teacher. It's really not one of the good days for you.