Thursday, February 12, 2009

I...Yeah. I've Been Tagged

I got tagged by Ruby, and now i have to share 14 things about myself, because I am 14 years old (in, like, two weeks).

1. I have three facebook accounts, three emails, and i contribute to five blogs.

2. I'm writing a novel. Currently it's called "Yours to Hold" because taht was my favorite song at the time I started writing it.

3. I type really fast.

4. I'm watching ER, and it's my absolute favorite show. And it's ending this season. :(

5. I know for a fact that Seth and Jenn aren't going out. They're...i don't know how to say it. Um...something between 'crush' and 'in love'.

6. I'm part Cherokee Indian

7. I'm going snowboarding on Saturday with a bunch of guys.

8. I don't like the Jonas Brothers.

9. My favorite band is Skillet. My favorite song is "Everyone Like Me" by Thousand Foot Krutch".

10. My sister is waiting to kick me off the laptop. I don't want off.

11. I have a younger brother, Daniel, and an older sister, Kristen.

12. AND TWO MOMS NAMED KAREN AND LEIGH!!! XD not really. Inside joke.

13. I'm tired.

14. I like clay.

There, I'm done.


Sara said...

okay so you type fast but you can't spell the word that..... really?

Sarah Elizabeth said...