Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Last Days

Eighth grade was a good year. I mean, there were bumps and dips here and there, but still. Fun.

I didn't accomplish my goal this year, to finish my novel, but that's okay. I did some pretty worth-while stuff.
I had some difficult things, too.

Youth group was the best this year, by far! I can't imagine a place I would rather be -- ever. I love it more than being at home. I have some great friends there. Chris and Cathy are now some of my closer adult friends, along with Blacklock and Abby. I feel blessed that they're part of my life.
But I lost some pretty close friends, too. I don't know what happened.

Wishes, I Wrote a Poem Without Meaning To.
I'm trying to figure out...where did the years of friendship go? I've known you since I could talk. What happened?
I wish we could stay young, raging hormone battles never fought. It would make things so much easier -- simplify things.
I wish we could all be seven and eight years old again.
Play in the woods behind my house for countless hours while our parents eat grilled chicken on the deck.
I wish I could stand on the huge rock again with you, shouting at people to beware, or we'd hit them with sticks.
I wish we could sit on the hammock at your house again eating Otter Pops and giggling..
I wish we could have those family get-togethers at your house and play Catch-Phrase, while your brother coughs something about coffee.
I wish we could play with your pet bird, and laugh when he bit you.
I wish we could watch movies in your basement.
I wish we could have Easter egg hunts.
I wish you were still part of my family.
I wish we never got older, and I could play with you forever and ever.
I wish we could get lost in our imaginary world again and shut the real one out.
I wish you were still my buddy.
I wish you still had my back.
I wish we never got older.
I wish we never grew apart.

But no matter how much I want it, I won't get my wish.

So I must say goodbye.


Carrie said...

Very, very sweet poem.

Limer said...

That is soo ausome. It almost made me cry. (odd enough as is). I have been with you forever. You are my big-sis. I remember some of those things that we did at our old house. The memories. *sniff*