Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Leaving -- Yet Again :(

Okay, so last week I was in Lincoln, NE for a wedding my cousin was having. It was really, really nice! Like, like, like the ones in wedding magazines! It was totally INCREDIBLE!!
Anyway, we got back the day before yesterday, and we're leaving again today to get to Santa Fe, NM. We went there a few years ago and it was really pretty there. There's, like, a million art gallaries (which you know I'd LOVE!!) and the senery is spectacular.
So today I got up really early (8:00 am, which is early for me) to get all my junk put together. We "left" our emo dog Maggie at my grandma and grandpa's house in Lincoln (she's gonna come back with them next month when they come see us), and we brought Sabine, our weenie dog, over to Caleb's house, where she'll be staying for the week.
Oh! And something funny that happened while we were over at his house talking to his mom and himself;
Me: I don't think I could ever do poms.
Caleb's Mom (CM): I used to in high school. I could stand with my back to the wall and kick over my head and hit the wall I was backed up against.
Me: Wow. I can kick my face level, but that's it.
Caleb: Yeah, I can kick my face level, too.
Kristen: I can bring my foot up backwards and touch my head!
All Of Us: [look at Caleb, who is not flat on his back on the floor.] [Que histarical laughter from the rest of us.]
My Mom: [laughing hard] What were you doing?!
[Caleb winces and his mom grabs his arms to try and help him up.]
Caleb: I was trying to kick my face level, but I'm wearing new socks and I slipped! (on the wood floor.)
CM: Aw...honey, you're such a goofball.
Me: [can't stop laughing.] It's like trying to run up the wood stairs in socks at my house and falling on your face!

* * *
So that was my mild drama this morning. And now I will tell you how to make a really yummy sandwich.
Things you will need:
- Two slices of bread
- Deli turkey
- An apple
- Salad dressing of your choice
- Butter
- A skillet
- An apple peeler
Directions: Put skillet on the stove (set on medium) to warm up. Put your apple through the apple peeler and then cut the apple in half. Take one half of the apple and set it aside. Put turkey on one the bread slices and then cut into fourths and set half of them aside. Now cut the other slice of bread into fourths and set aside. Divide the half of the peeled apple slices onto the turkey covered fourths of bread. To the untouched fourths of bread, apply your favorite salad dressing, and place on top of the other peices of bread. Now butter both sides of each tiny little sandwich. Spray PAM on the skillet, and grill the small sandwiches like a grilled-cheese-sandwich.
Searve warm with the other half of the apple on the side.
That's it!