Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer: So Far.

How's your summer been? Mine's been boring! Yeah! No joke!

Just kidding. I've been having a pretty fun summer, actually. TNL started up (Tuesday Night Live), I've raised $574 of my $1,100 dollars for Mexico, and I have some new friends named Beetle and Fang -- or Becca and Ashley.

If anyone's ever wondered about what I look like, here's some incentive:
Story of that picture: Christina told me to find a random sixth grader and sit down next to them: so I found one. :D
The kid's reaction: Bahaha, good times! That was the second to last day of school, can you believe that? It's been so long.
I have to wear skirts in mexico, isn't that crazy? A kid could die from that! And Caleb, Alex, and Anderson will make fun of me because they think it's weird I'd ever wear a skirt! And I'm like, HEY! I have worn dresses before! And skirts! And Steve pulled out of the Mexico trip, sad day! Oh, well, at least I have other guy friends going.
Anyway, I have to go call some guy 'cause he bid on my Silent Auction for babysitting. Golly wolly.
For now,


☽ruby☾ said...

yes i was wondering what you looked like steph CAUSE I HAVEN'T SEEN YOU IN TO BLEEPING LONG IM STARTING TO FORGET!!!!!!!!

*the statement above is heavily filled with sarcasm*


Nano said...

You look like the middle school PE teacher's daughter. Except you live in Colorado...

Emmie said...

So funny! I love freaking people out. We have this thing at our school where we the 5th graders visit the middle school for a day and I love walking up to random kids and hugging them. It totally works! I love it! LOL!


Anonymous said...

heeeeey...you stole that picture off my facebook! just kidding, i don't mind.

Limer said...

That is SO funny

Carrie said...

That's great. I think that will be my new hobby: sitting down next to random strangers.