Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Duh, Nuh, Nuh, NUUUUUUH.

SOMEONE STOLE MY JACKET. I'M NOT EVEN FRICKING KIDDING, SOMEONE STOLE MY JACKET. It was in my classrom with my backpack. I was not wearing it all day, and all the sudden it's not there. I am sooo beating up the kid that stole it.


Ella was almost as happy as Total to see us. All of six of us sprawled over the living room furniture while she babbled on with Nudge about things like her new boyfriend had gone out to the movies the other night and how he’d held her hand the whole time.
“It as all so…” she sighed, “…romantic,” putting her chin in her clasped hands and looking at the ceiling dreamily. “He’s almost as cute…” sigh, “…as Iggy.”
Fang and I laughed with Gazzy and Nudge while Iggy turned a shade pinker. Angel grinned, reading his thoughts as she cradled Total in her arms.
“Look, I love you, honey, but I am not a doll,” Total said, licking her arm. She hugged him tighter and I swear his eyes bugged out of his head a little. He made a ‘guhg!’, strangled kind of noise.
Ella snapped out of whatever strange trance she was in and looked at me and Fang. “So how are you two doing?”
I took a turn making a strangled noise while Fang remained unbelievable impassive. “Same as always,” Fang said. “You know, saving the world one evil scientist at a time.”
They totally kissed during Truth or Dare last week!” gushed Nudge without thinking.
Nudge!” Fang and I yelled at the same time.
She covered her mouth immediately. “Ohmygosh, I am sooo sorry, Max.”
This ain’t no ordinary, this ain’t no ordinary love, this ain’t no ordinary,” Gazzy rapped in tobyMac’s voice.
Fang and I groaned while most of the others laughed.
Dr. Martinez walked into the room to save us. No, that’s just how I saw it. “Dinner!” she said.
Thank you, I thought, getting an amused look from a listening Angel.

Dinner was full of exciting (well, exciting for the Martinez’s) stories of us kicking Eraser butt. Most of us were quiet while Nudge babbled on about random things like how we always order way too much at fast food places.
“…and I always get those apple pies every time, you know? And I get, like, six of them, right?Ohmygosh they are sooo good. And, like, those milkshakes at Chick-fil-a? They are amazing! Do you guys ever go to Chick-fil-a? No, do you guys even have one? Why ever not?? They’re all over Colorado! Mm! I love their–”
Nudge…” the Gasman complained touching his head. “My ears are bleeding.”
Angel and Ella laughed, mouths full of spaghetti. Nudge scowled.
“What? I’m just explaining stuff!” she said oh-so reasonably, taking a bite of her food.
Iggy stood up with his plate. “I’m done,” he announced. “I’m actually really tired, where’s the sink?”
Dr. Martinez looked up from her plate. “Over on the right about three steps.”
Wow. She could really give blind-kid directions. Most people are just like ‘oh, kinda on that side, you know?’.
“Thanks,” Iggy said, walking three paces and feeling with his free hand the granite counter, and then the sink. He set his bowl carefully down on top of the other dishes in sink.
I stood up next, and then Fang, and we both emptied the contents of our bowls into the trashcan and set our dishes in the sink as well.
“Um…were are we sleeping?” I asked, looking at my mother.
Haha, my mother.
Dr. Martinez got up and put her dishes away after us. “Here, I’ll show you guys. Come with me.”
Angel piped up from the table as we left. “Don’t let Max and Fang share a room!” she yelled.
“Thank you, Angel,” I said, turning the corner.


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